CCm Technologies

Client case studies

Food Manufacturing


Using innovative carbon-capture technology, potato peelings leftover from making crisps will be transformed into low-carbon fertiliser and returned to farms where potatoes for Walkers crisps are grown across the UK.



Bagley Biogas

CCm Technologies has installed a sustainable fertiliser production plant to produce fertiliser for the spring 2021/22 season and beyond. The project integrates recovered heat and re-use of digestate solids for Zero Carbon fertiliser production.



Kew Technology

CCm will collaborate with the UK’s pioneering Advanced Thermal Conversion (ATC) lead, KEW Technology, to maximise value for both technologies in terms of sustainability and carbon abatement.


Water Treatment

Water Utility

The project focuses on a new process, developed by CCm Technologies, which uses captured carbon dioxide to stabilise, nitrogen, phosphate and organic chemicals held within waste streams at water a utility site, turning them into sustainable plant nutrients.