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provides security, safety and traceability of fertilisers so they meet the requirements defined by legislators and industry.

Online carbon dashboard

Continuous improvements

CCm’s online dashboard collects data from operational plants to provide full traceability of process and feedstock data, providing a detailed audit trail for relevant regulators and policymakers. This is in order to improve the traceability of the carbon emissions being saved or lost through the process. This is even more important as CCm Technologies is now involved with the generation of Carbon Credits that are being sold by, a carbon credit selling company. Therefore, it is even more important that CCm Technologies is able to provide an accurate footprint of the carbon saved for auditors to view.

Key dashboard benefit

Cm Carbon dashboard helps to validate the net-zero claims that CCm makes, giving traceable evidence from every batch of fertiliser that CCm makes. All data from the operational plant is uploaded onto the dashboard and the carbon saved is then tabulated and put into a carbon clock. The dashboard has been created so it is intuitive for new clients to use and they can clearly see the carbon emissions being saved.