CCm Technologies

53 billion tonnes

of CO2(e) are emitted each year into the atmosphere, globally

13.6 billion tonnes

comes from food systems


of the 13.6 billion tonnes comes from the supply chain, retail, packaging, food processing and transport of the food produced globally


comes from crop production, including fertiliser usage and farming equipment

Emissions from agriculture relate to 8.5% of global emissions (IPCC, 2019) and so CCm Technologies is dedicated to ensuring that these emissions can be reduced. CCm continuously looks to improve its technology to enable maximum carbon reductions from conventional practices as well as being able to create benefits to the environment.

Specific projects that CCm has been involved with demonstrate in more detail how the technology is able to mitigate the many challenges different sectors have within the Food System. The case studies show that with collaboration between the sectors within the Food system and the use of CCm’s technology, a circular economy can be formed.

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