CCm Technologies
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Heat Storage

CCm's heat recovery and storage units store thermal energy within a chemical reaction, much like a battery and releases it rapidly as the chemical reaction starts. The technology highlights include:

  • 1.98GJ (551kWh) of thermal energy per tonne of carbon dioxide - and importantly, like batteries, the storage density of our materials is high at 200kWh/m3
  • System can be recharged with either heat or electrical energy.
  • Heat from produced at 125°C but re-charged using much lower temperatures, generally around 50°C to 80°C utilising a lower grade source and over a longer period of time
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CCm Technologies’ methods of capturing and utilising carbon dioxide can be used by industry to replace traditional expensive process inputs with cost effective alternatives.

CCm Technologies has developed a fibre which absorbs large amounts of carbon dioxide. The CO2 becomes permanently fixed to the fibre surface and the resultant coated fibres can be incorporated into a wide range of plastics, including polypropylene, polythenes and polyamide.

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Power Generation

CCm Technologies has developed a heat engine that uses CO2 as the working fluid. The patented technology uses a unique thermodynamic cycle that turns waste heat into useable electrical energy. This innovation saves vast amounts of carbon emissions and increases the viability of processes that produce waste heat.