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CCm Technologies is a commercial, award-winning cleantech company that optimises resource use through Carbon Capture and Utilisation (CCU) solutions, which allow a wide range of businesses to generate commercial value from captured carbon and other agricultural and industrial waste streams while also delivering improved sustainability.

CCm’s technology uses captured carbon dioxide from industrial power generation to stabilise a wide variety of materials (such as ammonia and phosphates) from agricultural and industrial waste streams and use these to create new fertiliser products with significantly lower than usual carbon footprint.






Technology in detail

CCm Technologies impacts Scope 1, 2 and 3 Carbon emissions and aligns with a number of UN Sustainable Development Goals

Latest News

Thanks to Ellen MacArthur Foundation for the write up of CCm Technologies' climate-smart fertiliser focusing on why it's circular and the benefits it provides across many parts of the food system value chain and environment.

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CCm Technologies features on BBC Countryfile. The episode focuses on the benefits of regenerative farming. CCm's carbon-zero fertiliser production can be a part of the regenerative farming transition, drastically reducing carbon emissions on farms by up to 90%. Watch the episode to understand how.

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Industry Sectors

CCm Technologies provides its technology to a variety of industries, facilitating the removal and reduction of carbon emissions. Being able to deploy the technology to these industries allows CCm to greatly influence the carbon reductions of the Food System.

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