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Fertiliser Benefits

Improved Nutrient Use Efficiency

CCm Growth® improved nutrient delivery (NPK and trace elements) achieves equivalent crop yields and increased protein quality, using reduced nutrient application rates. CCm provides at least a 20% reduction in nutrient application for crop equivalence vs conventional mineral fertilisers.

Slow release of nutrients

CCm's technology stabilises volatile chemicals within the material used for CCm Growth®. Pelletising the material encapsulates the minerals, aiding slower nutrient release and reducing leaching and volatilisation of harmful environmental emissions.

Spreading Accuracy

CCm Growth® pelletised fertiliser is spread using conventional spreading equipment.

Increased Soil Carbon

CCm sequesters organic carbon that has been incorporated into the fertiliser to increase soil carbon as well as achieving required crop yields.

Reduced Leaching and Volatilisation

CCm Growth® reduces the amount of nutrients lost from the pellet, that are found in surface run off, by around 80%. Ammonia emissions that come from CCm Growth® are also reduced by around 80%, compared to conventional mineral fertilisers. This increases the amount of nutrients that crops can uptake, leading to increased crop yield. Reduced amount need to be put onto the field, as the amount is taken up

Improved Soil Health

CCm Growth® improves soil health through various methods, mainly due to the increased carbon content found in the soil. Increased organic carbon leads to increases in soil micro-organisms, as well as improved water retention, of up to 75%

Tailored Nutrient formulations

CCm Growth® provides a range of NPK (Mg,SO3) nutrient formulations suitable for a range of agricultural and horticultural applications.

CCm Growth® Product Information

12-4-4 Product Specification

12-4-4 SDS Sheet

12-2.5-5 Product Specification

12-2.5-5 SDS

CCm Growth®

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