CCm Technologies

Carbon Trust issue CCm with Certificate of Achievement

Published: 14 Dec 2023

CCm Technologies is delighted to have achieved verification from the Carbon Trust of the cradle-to-gate Carbon footprint of its “CCmGrowth®” 12N-4P-4K fertiliser. The assessment carried out by the Carbon Trust included a review of raw materials, upstream transportation and manufacturing, and is aligned to the international standard ISO 14067;2018 greenhouse gases (GHG). It is based on real data gathered from our principal production site over the last year. The assessment has determined that the cradle-to-gate footprint of “CCmGrowth®” material equates to:

-0.9 tonnes CO2e per tonne of product

This means that per tonne of product manufactured, “CCmGrowth®” holds more biogenic Carbon content than is released during the upstream life cycle stages. The Carbon content is estimated to be equivalent to 1.1 tonnes CO2e per tonne of product. Following manufacture, the product will then be transported and used in field, at which point a portion of the Carbon is likely to be re-released, based on land management activities.

Professor Peter Hammond, CCm’s Chief Technology Officer, said:

“At its simplest, the Carbon Trust’s assurance confirms that the CCm upstream activities do not contribute to the product’s total Carbon footprint. The negative footprint confirms that “CCmGrowth®” is an innovation which can support the decarbonisation of the agriculture sector.”

The next stage of CCm Technologies’ decarbonisation journey is to analyse the downstream impacts of the “CCmGrowth®” product, in order to provide customers with a full life cycle view. Based on initial analysis, there are indications that the CCm product has potential for further positive impacts beyond Carbon, such as reducing fertiliser run-off.