CCm Technologies

Frontier invests in CCm Technologies

Published: 14 Jun 2024

As a shareholder with expertise in sustainable crop production and grain marketing, our (Frontier) investment in CCM Technologies signals exciting growth opportunities for the innovative environmental technology company.

The insight of our nutrition and sustainability teams, coupled with our unique relationships across all parts of the agricultural supply chain, will support CCm with the continued development and production of its novel input solutions, such as its flagship product CCm Growth®.

Containing nitrogen, phosphate and potash, CCm Growth® also includes natural organic material and holds valuable fibre to help deliver organic matter and carbon back to the soil to improve soil health and sustainability.

Frontier group commercial strategy director, Andrew Flux: “We’re always looking to develop the solutions we provide to both our farmer and consumer customers. Being directly involved in the development of CCm’s technology going forward means we can better support all parts of the supply chain to meet reduced emissions targets, contributing to more sustainable food production systems overall.”

Learn more about the investment, including insights from ongoing trials and supply chain partnership work, here: