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Nature-starved UK sows seeds for revolution in how it grows food

Published: 03 Oct 2022

CCm Technologies are part of the solution to positive change within the agricultural sector. CCm offer sustainable alternatives in terms of fertilsier production and application which has many benefits to the UK, including improved soil health, increased biodiversity and reduced costs to farmers.

In England, the main mechanism for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the agriculture sector, as well as increasing carbon stores, improving biodiversity and water quality will be the Environmental Land Management Scheme (ELMS). One strand of the scheme is the Sustainable Farming Initiative (SFI). Whereas the European Union’s Common Agriculture Policy paid farmers and landowners based on farm size, the SFI will pay for environmental benefits beyond minimum legal requirements. Pilots are underway and CCm is one of these solutions to reduce the issues outlined below.

  • The UK has seen a steep decline in species abundance and soil health, with intensive agriculture causing arable soils to lose 40-60% of their carbon content
  • In England, a new Environmental Land Management Scheme (ELMS) aims to pay farmers £2 billion a year to turn soils into carbon sinks and help UK meet its climate commitments
  • Companies including Nestle, McCain, PepsiCo and Waitrose are trialling projects to boost regenerative agriculture in their UK supply chains

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