CCm Technologies

PepsiCo's 2020 Global Sustainability Report

Published: 15 Feb 2022

CCm Technologies, who have partnered with PepsiCo, have featured in PepsiCo's sustainability report for 2021. CCm has been able to deploy the patented technology on PepsiCo's AD site, in order to improve the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and improve the circular economy of the process at PepsiCo.

PepsiCo’s Walkers brand recently introduced a new “circular potatoes” technology to improve soil health in the U.K. by using low-carbon and nutrient-rich fertilizer made from potato peelings. Launched in partnership with award-winning cleantech firm CCm Technologies, the program, once rolled out at scale, is expected to reduce Walkers’ carbon emissions from growing potatoes by 70%, against a 2019 baseline.

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