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Podcast special: how to wean Britain off Russian fertiliser

Published: 21 Oct 2022

28 per cent of the world's fertiliser supply comes from Russia and Ukraine. Since war broke out in February, fertiliser prices have rocketed to record highs because of the disruption. British farmers are under pressure as the industry deals with higher energy costs at the same time; while consumers are facing higher food prices.

Is there a way to reshore our fertiliser supply chain? CCm Technologies in Swindon thinks so – and reduce emissions at the same time. They say they can make high efficiency and low polluting fertiliser from organic waste, gathered from British farms, creating a completely self-sufficient production line.

For their cutting edge science, CCm Technologies won the Spectator’s Innovator of the Year awards last year, beating dozens of Britain’s most brilliant start ups. In this tense geopolitical moment, Kate Andrews caught up with Pawel Kisielewski, CEO of CCm Technologies.

CCm Technologies recently joined Kate Andrews, The Spectator’s Economics Editor, on their podcast to discuss the role our low Carbon fertilisers can play in tackling food and energy insecurity in an evolving global landscape. In the face of a fertiliser supply crisis, CCm's technology provides an opportunity to reshore the UK’s fertiliser supply chain, reduce emissions and pollution and provide farmers with high yields at no added cost.

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