CCm Technologies

Yorkshire Water in partnership with CCm Technologies

Published: 15 Feb 2022

CCm is delighted to announce the first-of-a-kind deployment in the wastewater industry with Yorkshire Water.

The partnership will improve the recovery of phosphate materials from the treatment cycle, reduce capital investment and maintenance costs for water utility and efficiently recycle nutrients back into the circular economy as 'climate positive fertiliser.


(Bradford, July 2, 2020) Yorkshire Water continues to provide leadership in UK wastewater sustainability and is delighted to announce a partnership with CCm Technologies to implement at a site in West Yorkshire CCm’s unique integrated ammonia and phosphorus recovery process. Yorkshire Water will recover phosphate material from the wastewater treatment cycle by implementing the technology. This will substantially reduce capital investment and maintenance costs, whilst efficiently

recycling nutrients as “Climate Positive“1,2,3 fertilisers so helping Yorkshire Waterachieve its ambitious sustainability and Circular Economy targets through enhanced soil health. The project focuses on a new process, developed by CCm Technologies with input from Yorkshire Water, which stabilises nitrogen and phosphate held within waste stream inventories with captured carbon dioxide and turns them into sustainable plant nutrients, further enabling the drive towards net Zero Carbon operations. This pioneering approach is a world-first for the wastewater sector which will significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions from Yorkshire Water’s facilities and reduce treatment costs so helping to keep customer bills low.

Nevil Muncaster, Chief Strategy and Regulation Officer commented: “Yorkshire Water’s holistic and integrated approach is critical to the sustainability of our water and wastewater services and our business. By helping society benefit from the full value of water, we deliver a wide range of economic, environmental and social benefits for both the short and long term.”

“Our partnership with CCm Technologies has delivered a solution which has the potential to help us with multiple challenges. Removing ammonia and phosphorus in this novel way contributes to cost-effectively meeting environmental standards, our WINEP commitments with lower chemicals and energy use. It is innovative in terms of technology but also in how the solution is delivered, on resource recovery, commercial footing based upon the value of the product and not a standard water industry approach, turning a cost into value. ”Professor Peter Hammond, CCm’s Chief Technology Officer and co-founder commented: ”This is another significant step forward that will allow our technology to demonstrate how sustainable resource use by Yorkshire Water can lock captured carbon back into the soil, allowing the water industry to play a role at the heart of carbon reduction.”